Before I Let You Go [On-going & Updated]

Before I Let You Go [On-going & Updated]

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Kim By xtincsk Updated Nov 05, 2015

"Before I let you go, I want to say I love you." AKO NA TE! Ako lang ang makakapagsabi ng ganyang punchline! At ako lang din ang pinagtatawanan niya. Sino bang mag-aakala na magkikita pa kami? Akala ko kasi, last na talaga yun eh. Let go na nga diba? Ba't nagkita pa?


Please read Fangirling Mr. Antarctica. 

I worship the ground he walks on. I love his brown eyes, the way he smirks and the way he slings his bag on his right shoulder. His house is on Hemmingway St., #111 and he drives a black Toyota Hilux with a plate number XPS 451. His dog is a Chowchow which he named Pepe. His first period is Trigonometry and his last would be Lit. He likes hanging out at the pool, sometimes shirtless, sometimes with decent clothes, although I prefer the shirtless him. Oops. He likes dark colors but constantly wears white shirts with simple prints on the chest. He likes his iced teas with no ice. And he barely logs into his Facebook. I am so in love with him that if he asks me to be his girlfriend, I would answer him yes faster than a blink. But that would be too easy for him and I am not that kind of girl.

Because I, Vanessa de Guzman is better than that.

But then, when it comes to fangirling our high school's swimming varsity team captain aka Mr. Antarctica Lee Reyes, then I'm your girl.

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BiancaJuan7 BiancaJuan7 Nov 16, 2013
Grabe Apaka Ganda ng Story Unang una palang apaka ganda na :D
MaryAnnJacinto MaryAnnJacinto Jul 13, 2012
kakabitin naman.......promise.....ganda pa naman sana ng story
JhelSuyu JhelSuyu Jun 11, 2012
,, naman un ? hah ,, after all those years ,, ganun parin :) sana kami diin ,, joke :)
arabera arabera Mar 18, 2012
i so missed your stories! :))) i've been a fan since i read them in 2009. :D Ftalk! :)