The Calamitous Rise (Book Two)

The Calamitous Rise (Book Two)

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c h r i s By chris_745 Updated Aug 11, 2018

Hypaeria Aesyph traveled to their world, and now they're traveling to hers.  In the aftermath of the battle known as The Illustrious Origin, Hypaeria is separated from her band of friends, whilst empathizing with an enigmatic person of her past.  

She is certain her world cannot be nearly as dangerous as Eravale.  But when she gets a taste of home, the lethality she is met with catches her off guard.  Slowly, the realization of an even more deadly reality encircles her -- the reality that the two worlds are colliding.

In the precipice of an even more fatal war, Hypaeria and her friends must overcome evil, face curses, battle darkness, and cope with the truth that has the power to shatter the entire universe.

  ➳ Book 2 in the Heir of Paladins Series
  ➳ Cover by me, @chris_745
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