My Bully Loves Me

My Bully Loves Me

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tipsy kitty By Tipsykitten421 Updated Aug 27

Oh, hey there baby!" He said sarcastically 

All I could do was look down, continue to look at my feet. He grabs my chin to look into his eyes. His touch was burning me like a flame. It hurt.

"Oh, how I have missed you, my baby girl." He said with a killing smirk.

Oh my gosh, that nick-name. What is he saying, oh he is so hot. What, No i'm out of my mind. I look up and meet his eyes, im dead.

He smiles, i can't tell if that is a real one. "What, are you going to say some thing?" He now starts to gently rub my check with his thumb.

I slap his hand away, and push on his chest away from me. "Stop, do not touch me again!" Oh why do i feel bad now. 

He steps back from were he once was. He had a "sorry" look on his face, like regret. 

Kaylee is just starting collage. When her childhood bully comes back. Has he changed his mean ways? His bad attitude, his good looks?

Kaylee is 19 years old and she is a outgoing kind of girl. She use to be
 shy until she started middle school.
 Her best friend Caleb soon encouraged her to just let go. Now she is a sweet, kind, smart, weird, funny girl

Nick is 20 years old and he is a bad boy. He went to elementary school with Kaylee.... since preschool. He has always picked on her, not because of looks though. 

Find out more and keep updated......