This short story was inspired by One Direction and their song, Moments. I shall hereby declare that I own not the song, but the story I wrote. Whoa, i sound like another person there...... Anyways, enjoy! :)

kimthekid kimthekid May 16, 2012
i like how you wrote the exposition :) it's so nice gen. hahaha.
instincti0n instincti0n Mar 29, 2012
@thenameisnobody HAHAHA. Yes it did. *Honestly my tears were stuck in my eyes because I know my sister would tease me for crying infront of the computer without a reason.* -.-
thenameisnobody thenameisnobody Mar 29, 2012
@cookiesandsmiles naaaaaaaaaaaaah, it never striked. ahahahahaha.
instincti0n instincti0n Mar 29, 2012
Gen's striking the awesomeness again. xD Haven't read this but I bet this is awsuum. Will listen to moments will reading this. :))
thenameisnobody thenameisnobody Feb 28, 2012
@VrawrXiss glad we had the same reaction :'( thought i'd be the only one..