Laurens, That Would be Enough [✔️] // Lams

Laurens, That Would be Enough [✔️] // Lams

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Alexander Hamilton is adopted by the Washingtons, along with Lafayette. They're both starting 10th grade, but for Alexander it's a brand new school. Lafayette's best friend, John Laurens, has piqued Alexander's mind. But when Alexander meets him in person, he falls head over Converses. 

This story is a Hamilton Highschool AU that takes place in the present. It only follows mainly Alexander's thoughts and emotions. (Switching to other POVs for jokes and plot.) 

⚠️TIGGERS: Suicide (attempts), self-harm, mentions of abuse, homophobic slur, uhh mention of r*pe??,  there are probably more I'm sorry⚠️ There is also cussing. A lot.

Uhh, I wrote this a while ago, please don't link this to my person. I am better than my old writing, I swear.

Something I like to do is put really bad humor into sad moments so be aware.

I hope you enjoy! :) it's a cute and relatively simple Lams fanfic. (Hehe not lol)