Knight Casefiles Book 0: Genesis

Knight Casefiles Book 0: Genesis

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"It doesn't take a real man to die for a cause. Any idiot can do that. What takes a real man is living for one." - Solomon Short

Something dark and sinister has taken root underneath the streets of New York City, preying on the innocent folk who reside therein, but really, what else is new? As Christopher Pierce struggles with the dilemmas of simply existing, these malevolent forces might just be exactly what he needs to get his life back on track. 


A prequel to the Knight Casefiles series, Genesis deals with life before Chris decided to take on the Knight's mantle, or at least before he decided to take it seriously.

  • action
  • axe
  • bravery
  • chris
  • claude
  • coffee
  • courage
  • detective
  • elaine
  • fight
  • ghouls
  • gram
  • gun
  • joyeuse
  • knight
  • life
  • magic
  • master
  • sewers
  • sigrun
  • stalker
  • strigoi
  • sword
  • training
  • valkyrie
  • vampire
MyztikalTearz MyztikalTearz Jun 02, 2012
Yuck! Tell me the windows are down so the smell doesn't linger *holds nose*
Mogford Mogford Sep 28, 2011
I like it so far!  I'm reading Book 0 before Book 1.  Also I commented on chapter 4.
ShadyLady ShadyLady Jul 24, 2011
@Archleone hey no problem. I had a teacher who was very old school and drilled us for hours on correct grammar and punctuation. Consequently, it's very good - although I didn't really appreciate it at the time. And again, I liked Knight Casefiles. Any chance of another one coming?
AnInnocentBystander AnInnocentBystander Jul 23, 2011
@ShadyLady Thanks for the catch and glad you enjoyed book 1 :) I can't believe I missed that, haha. I seem to really suck when it comes to possessives and contractions these days. It's like almost every chapter I write, I mistype you're as your. Rightfully edited :D
                              Thanks again for reading!
Emiloo Emiloo Jan 28, 2011
Right. Chris is already a knight - or a knight in training. So much for knowing how he became one. Sigrun is leaving for Asgard? Let's find out! :o)