Mayfield High

Mayfield High

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Tessa Kate By xxKatiexx Updated Aug 06, 2012

~~Sequel to Quest for Harmony~~

When Dana is expelled from St. Cecelia's, the only other school that will accept her is Mayfield High All Boys Academy. 

Not wanting to risk her education, Dana must dress as a boy and attend this prestigious boarding school under the name of 'Ryder'.

But what would happen if she is caught?

And amoungst all of Dana's drama lies Dash, who has a secret. A secret that she won't share with anyone until it is too late. A secret that just may cost Dana her fake identity.


xxKatiexx xxKatiexx Mar 05, 2012
@simplespring Okie dokie! I'm sure he'll be excited ahaha. :)
simplespring simplespring Mar 05, 2012
@xxKatiexx Que est ce-que tu parler? Bahahaha I suck at french so I'm sorry I tried to show-off xD Ohhh He's REAL! OMFG More of a reason for him to LAAV his hair xD Tell him a freaky girl on the internet thinks red hair is awesome xD
xxKatiexx xxKatiexx Mar 04, 2012
@simplespring Damn you and your multilingual skills! XD And Sam is actually my friend in real life. I just decided to put him in the book, so you're not actually taking book characters too seriously! :)
simplespring simplespring Mar 04, 2012
@xxKatiexx Me Gusta means 'it pleases me' in Spanish xD And poor Sam! But red hair is AWESOME my friend! He totally should've been proud of it! I would dye my hair red if I was allowed to x] (I take story characters too seriously...I'm sorry xD)
xxKatiexx xxKatiexx Mar 04, 2012
@simplespring I have absolutely no idea what 'me gusta' means but thankyou! I think. Yer, Sams a pretty cool kid. He used to have REALLY red hair but he was getting bullied because of it so he dyed it brown and now it's some mad mix of both :D
simplespring simplespring Mar 02, 2012
Ohhhhh deaaaaaar the cursed tampon. Why do guys ALWAYS pick the one that contains the TAMPONS! xDDD BAAAAAH I'm so happy there's a SEQUEL!!! Why didn't I see the update OMFG!!! I like Sam x) idk why but I just do. I mean he's tall and has reddish bown hair. Me gusta. xD