The Royal Sentinel

The Royal Sentinel

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L. Davidson By NeenorROAR Completed

The Royal Sentinel: Book Two of The Redwood War

Months have passed since Naomi's escape from Ffion.

At last she has reached Asuya, the capital city of Tsumetai far to the frigid North. Seeking council with the Empress, Naomi believes her family connections and past deeds of valour will be enough to gain the support she needs to reclaim her home from Adrienne's grasp.

When it becomes clear it could never be so simple, Naomi has to balance her loyalties, learn diplomacy, and protect both herself and those around her from the threat of her increasingly desperate enemies.

It certainly doesn't help to find a very unpleasant surprise awaiting her arrival.

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Ever since my friend, Claire, recommended Redwood Rebel to me I've been eagerly awaiting the sequel!  If this prologue is any indication, it's been worth the wait for a well-crafted story.  I look forward to buying the second book!  Thank you for continuing to write.
dogerout dogerout Mar 21
So excited to read more!!!  And still angry as hell at Arun.  Whatta asshat.
Ha! Naomi sure taught them a lesson about what "no" means. Love that <3
chloebug996 chloebug996 Sep 17
I love this series so much I cannot wait to read this book 😆