The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone

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Gabby By Jazzybean Updated Jul 15, 2012

COVER: LightsGoDown. 

Here we follow the lives of six teenagers that attend Greenfield High. Totally average teenagers with a secret: 3 of these teenagers want a romantic relationship with their best friend.

This is where we enter the "Friend Zone". This is when one friend wishes to enter a romantic relationship with their friend BUT that friend is oblivious to the fact, and wishes to stay in just a friendship.

These six teenagers are put into one house for two months. Here they will go through, blood, sweat, tears and maybe a little bit of romance.

Do you dare enter the "Friend Zone"?

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EnglishRose97 EnglishRose97 Jul 12, 2012
Love the original idea :D and the characters are really intriguing :P
Jazzybean Jazzybean Feb 27, 2012
@babydonahue Thanks so much! =) 
                              @bearybeach Thanks! Theres a part two up now :P 
                              @hugabear Thanks! :D
                              @lacoco WOW! Thanks for the amazing comment <3 
                              @BlurryWords Awha thanks! :D
                              @stardreamess231 Thankyou! :) 
                              @SophStratt Haha thanks, Soph! =') 
                              @amylynn1819  Thank you!! :D
SALStratton SALStratton Feb 26, 2012
This is an awesome start, and I love the concept! Casey seems awesome, like you, so it shouldn't be so hard to write her character should it? Upload soon, bud! Look forward to reading more!
BlurryWords BlurryWords Feb 26, 2012
This is a great start. It sounds like you've got a great idea for a story. I really like Casey, she's interesting and there's something very likeable about her, she's easy to relate to. Great start!
hobis-angel-love hobis-angel-love Feb 26, 2012
Hehe i'm going to love this story i just know it >_< lol keep up the great work and uplaod soon :)) x
babydonahue babydonahue Feb 26, 2012
I love this actually...Good job..Keep writing.
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