The Secret Writer

The Secret Writer

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Steve By XCoca_Cola_PopX Updated Jul 24, 2019

"This class is ridiculous, and so are the teacher's squeaky shoes which are old trend that nobody even wears." 

       "Tell me about it? I've been looking at those shoes for about a week. What do you mysterious person from another class do besides writing on the desk?" 

Sydney Haynes is a typical teen that gets extremely bored in advanced geometry class. I mean... well- it's math. One day though, she gets an idea of writing on her desk. She already knows that probably nobody would answer to a silly comment like that. It was most likely to be earased or ignored. 

Sydney leaves a small note on her desk and for her surprise she got an answer. One that she never really expected. 

Could she find out who this mysterious person was? Would she be scared to actually find them? Or would she end up being disappointed in what she sees?

      Note: This story is kind of like a short story but at the same time is not, you'll see once you start this journey.


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