[Mother of who?!]

[Mother of who?!]

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You're a normal ninja in Konohagakure, and your life was nothing but perfect. You had achieved your goal of being jounin at age 15, you bought a new house, heck, you even learned to cook well!

So, what happens when a 2 year-old child comes bouncing in your life? He can't leave anywhere without a piece of you in his hand; he adores you to the point that he sleeps in the same bed; and he thinks you're his mother. Sound adorable? You don't even know the details. What could make this any worse?

Well, this child, used to be your sensei.

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SaneOtaku SaneOtaku Nov 15, 2017
Author-san said we look nothing like kakashi but what of we have his hair color
dancergirl179 dancergirl179 Aug 19, 2017
Wow, wish I still had that power, especially since I tell my Kim to wait for me somewhere and when I come back she's gone. 😑
asdo09 asdo09 Nov 26, 2017
                              So what you are saying is that babies are like Kiba Jr.
                              NO WAY!
Loverdestiny783 Loverdestiny783 7 days ago
Me:*runs back in the room* MY BABY!!!!OH MY SWEET BABY!!!*hugs kakashi*
skrillex195 skrillex195 Mar 10
*looks at my reflection, realizes how ugly I am, looks at adorable Kakashi.* No.
westbank224 westbank224 Oct 22, 2017
Did anyone else read this in the evil guys voice from the incredibles?