Stranger Times

Stranger Times

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Arveliot By Arveliot Completed

A growing collection of short stories entered in various Wattpad short story contests. 

-Winner of the SciFi Competition 'The Kessel Run'
-Winner of the Fantasci Quests and Missions Contest #10
-Winner of the Syke Awards
-Winner of the Oohrah's First Contact Contest
-3rd Place in the Wattpunk Romance Mashup
-3rd Place in the Oohrah's Time Travel Contest

Updated irregularly, although each update will contain a self-contained story that ends without a cliffhanger.

Thanks and credit to Zuko_42 for the cover.

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  • contest
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  • mystery
  • pangea
  • punkromance
  • sciencefiction
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NiamhBran NiamhBran Mar 27, 2017
Ok, now that's a cool story. I take it the stranger is a time-traveler then?
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Aug 08, 2017
Whoa!!! This was amazing! Very enjoyable read. This could definitely be an episode of twilight zone.
JazzaRazzaMaya JazzaRazzaMaya Apr 15, 2017
Just a minor thing - maybe try switching out a couple of the 'nearly's' for other words to enhance the flow in this one part. Other than that - great stuff!
JazzaRazzaMaya JazzaRazzaMaya Apr 15, 2017
I really liked your character development! The relationship between the two main characters felt very believable! Nice story!
Reffster Reffster Apr 14, 2017
Probably don't need to use the word followed twice in the same sentence.
Arveliot Arveliot Aug 08, 2017
They have an unfair advantage, being in space. 
                              Everything is made better if you add the words 'in space' after. 
                              Go ahead and try it for a while. 
                              Like 'I clean toilets...'