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Big is Beautiful

Big is Beautiful

135K Reads 5.3K Votes 12 Part Story
NyaraC By NyaraC Updated Jun 21, 2015

"Fat girls never get the guy!"  "Nice guys always finish last but fat girls never finish!"  These were just some of the derogatory comments that Caremlita had come to expect from her peers at school. She didn't fight them - not becasue she couldn't stand up for herself but because they were right: Fat was not attractive.  Carmelita wholeheartedly believes that her slightly overwieght shape makes her completely incapable of attracting guys. Its no wonder that when the school's bad boy, Tyler Matthews, starts paying her attention she immediately comes to the conclusion that he is playing a prank to try and humiliate her. She refuses to succumb in the hopes that he will eventually get the message and let her be. However this only perks Tyler's interest in her even more.  Whats in store for these two polar opposites?

CutieeAvii CutieeAvii Apr 26, 2016
My best friend does that. I  told her we finna go shopping on my birthday and I get to dress you.
Glad the main character isn't so depressing like in other books
JudasiaScottMurray JudasiaScottMurray Dec 20, 2015
I died😂😂 i was not expecting this as a start great humor
JennyChey JennyChey Oct 31, 2015
I actually do the same thing... Only I just wear a regular t shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes. Oh! And down forget the hoddie!!! Gotta cover up them roles
kklovitknowit kklovitknowit Oct 16, 2015
Am I the only one who stopped and sung this before commenting? Just saying...
cpb1400 cpb1400 Jul 28, 2015
OH MAH GOD I LIVE LIKE 40m FROM ALBANY!!! That's so freaking cool!!!