Roses By The Window

Roses By The Window

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❝Why have lunch when you can have me?❞

❝Because I like food and I don't like you.❞

❝No, you're right. Of course you don't like me. You love me.❞

⚫ ⚫ ⚫

In the midst of senior year in high school, Bella does not expect to be best friends with her newly-moved-into-town friend's elder brother. 

Bella Greene, a girl who has never been in love, who shoots out comebacks like reflexes and has an undying love for pizza and Batman is more than amusing to Ethan Woods, who also, has never been in love. 

The difference? He has never wanted to be. A charismatic player, with girls fangirling over him and a constant smirk plastered on his face who flirts with every female. He is used to girls throwing themselves at him, not throwing comebacks at him. And that is what raises his interest in her.

Their friendship is filled with constant laughter, flirting from his side and comebacks from hers. Obviously, a lot of fun. 

w a r n i n g :
be prepared to hurt yourself from falling off the bed because of laughing really hard or getting a sore throat because of squealing in a high pitched voice.

♥ Dedicated to all the Riverdale fans who ship Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart ♥
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