Jenkins Boarding School for Young Male Witches (BoyxBoy) [Book 1 - Completed]

Jenkins Boarding School for Young Male Witches (BoyxBoy) [Book 1 - Completed]

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Mason is a talented young witch, but he didn't know that. He also didn't know that as soon as he steps into the school that his parents forced him into, his life was going to change. For the better; who knows? One thing that's obvious, he's going to have to learn how to deal with all the changes that life is going to throw at him. 

Jesse is a Third-Year at Jenkins Boarding School for Young Male Witches, and hadn't been able to use the full extent of his powers, until Mason walked into the doors of the school. With Mason, he's going to discover so many things that he'd never thought he'd find. There are secrets that people have been trying to keep hidden, and, with Mason's help, he just may uncover them all. 

Discover a world of magic like no one has ever experienced before, and follow how Mason and Jesse are going to cope with having to deal with something that is going to change their lives forever.

I open the book and the first word that came out my mouth was. "Damn". The question is "why?" And the answer is...................I just named a chracter in my book that name. So
Nerve1 Nerve1 Jul 07
I just want to hug him. And mother-hen-style smother him. To death.
WarBlazeN WarBlazeN Apr 04
Maybe is you kiss that other kid you saw then you will be all better!
Savage! She didn't even hesitate to roast their asses not even .05 seconds after they got there! 
                              I think in gonna like her. ;3
Breloyal Breloyal Jan 23
Magic a normal thing because he seems somewhat knowledgeable?
Breloyal Breloyal Jan 23
See with my mouth she would've sent me back right away. Excuse me, tramp don't be talking on my family business.