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          #AskAmy is the site that all the girls at school are hooked to. Any and every question can be thrown Amy's way and an answer will be up by the end of the day. All the questions are public but the person asking is always anonymous...as well as Amy. No one truly knows who Amy is. Many believe she's just another student, maybe it's someone they know, maybe it's someone in an entirely different state.
          Since #AskAmy began a year ago, its become a bank of answers but also a bank of people's darkest thoughts, desires and secrets. But anonymity truly has no secrecy online and when #AskAmy is hacked and everyone's questions suddenly have their names behind them, conflicts arise rapidly.
          Though that's not the only problem. #AskAmy begins to get strange questions. Questions that are specific to the one answering them. Because 'Amy' has some dangerous secrets and someone's ready to let them all out.

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                              sixth of october, twenty seventeen
                              eight thirty eight p.m.
Kvroxii Kvroxii Sep 30
                              Subject: death
                              Message: do u have some more bleach? I ran out
RubyRosez RubyRosez 5 days ago
Explain to me how Jungkook can go from looking like Max and Ruby to Promiscuous Boy~ ya teasin meeee?
swiftoceans swiftoceans 3 days ago
how can I keep my snapchat streaks for more than two weeks 😑😂
swiftoceans swiftoceans 3 days ago
I’m planning to watch gossip girl soon and I binge watched the entire first season of pll
Loving the song choice! ;)
                              2nd October, 2017
                              1:23 PM