Beyond MxB

Beyond MxB

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Too much inspiration By Shifting2wolf Updated Apr 16

3518 A.D.

Exactly 1500 years ago, Earth had been pushed to its limits and threatened to collaps on itself if we didn't act in time. Mankind didn't know what to do anymore and had declared our home doomed, our days numbered.

That was, until the supernatural society decided to step up and take actions in their own hands. Creatures we thought never existed suddenly appeared out of their secret societies to safe Earth, to erase our mistakes and begin anew.

They succeeded but parts of the world vanished for centuries due to the climate being completely out of the normal before it settled again and left the world at peace again.


But not for mankind; all the other races had grown to dislike us, hate us. A witchhunt ensued and now only few of us are left.

I've been running all of my life to remain free and alive, to survive and be as happy as humanly possible. My name is Thorn and I'm part of the last humans on our planet.


Sadly, I'm not entirely human...

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TheWitchAndTheCat TheWitchAndTheCat Sep 04, 2017
So here I am darling: re-reading your stories ☺ I wish I could vote more than once though...
Oh that’s this year... anyone wanna start a countdown with me?
“Sadly”? Why would u be sad if the entire human race was being hunted Down?! It gives you a boost so u can keep that tiny trace of the human species alive!
Ugottabekiddingme Ugottabekiddingme Jan 17, 2014
wait what!
                              what does he mean he is not entirely human?
                              i must investigate
Cecilia_Chavez Cecilia_Chavez Dec 10, 2013
this intro really got me to want to keep reading especially this line. I wonder what he is if he isn't entirely human...
TheWitchAndTheCat TheWitchAndTheCat Dec 01, 2013
As I said, this seems very interesting and I'll be waiting to read more :-) And great cover!