illegal sex (boyxboy) Mpreg

illegal sex (boyxboy) Mpreg

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Paola Hood By ILovECalum5SOS Updated Apr 20, 2014

illegal sex (boyxboy) Mpreg


Hello! I'm not going to ask for votes or anything. 

No , I just hope that you enjoy this and if you want do it, is up to you. 

I just want to write a good book. 

You can comment things that you want to happen in the story and I'll write them. Don't be afraid I promise I will use every single one of your ideas guys! 😘

Love ya!! All!!!


"Hey Luke! Pass me the ball!" I scream at my best mate from across the school gym. We're  playing basketball in P.E

Luke was running closer to me to throw the ball but I felt a really hard pain in my lower  belly. 

I dropped to the floor and couldn't move or do anything. It hurts to much. 

Everyone came closer to me and Luke went on his knees beside me.

"Whats wrong,What hurts?" He ask me and I can't even make out any words. 

After like 5 minutes the ambulance came and they took me to the hospital.  

But let me tell you a little bit more about m...

I like how the doctor says "girl parts" but says dick.  I mean.
When I see the name josh
                              I josh dun with making puns with that name...
Emo_Tea Emo_Tea Jul 12
Who's Josh? I never heard of Josh. 
                              Josh isn't real...remember?
MultiHistoryNerd MultiHistoryNerd Nov 08, 2016
Good story, but a 14-year-old with a 23-year-old boyfriend... that make the older boyfriend a paedophile. He would go to jail.
Renos_Kinnereth Renos_Kinnereth Jul 19, 2016
Would that hurt more or less than a female birth because in my head I think more
_-Silent-_-Death-_ _-Silent-_-Death-_ Apr 27, 2016
Me: So he's a slut from getting pregnant by his BOYFRIEND, also the first time? Bish no