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Odd Ones Out

Odd Ones Out

108K Reads 3.3K Votes 12 Part Story
D.T. By Dandiloo Updated Aug 15, 2014

Jade Jackson is not what you call a typical teenager. She hates the world and most things in it. Although she could spend the whole day with her friends laughing and pranking each other she can't live without drawing. Drawing is the only thing that helps her escape from reality. Not that she doesn't doze off in general. She has troubles of her own, such as anger management issues, occasional bipolar disorder, that make her feel like an outsider.

 Drew Walker is the second most popular boy in his school. His dark aura attracts people, but scares most away. His past haunts him and no one can relate. No one truly understands him. His differences with the rest of the teenagers make him feel like he doesn't belong.

 What happens when Jade's drawings appear in Drew's hands?

 Well, two odds make one even. Maybe being odd isn't so bad after all.

 Cover by me.
 All rights reserved.
 Copyright © 2013 Dandiloo

HerFireheart HerFireheart Mar 17, 2016
The first thing I saw was the album cover  and I'm like " please be miss Jackson, but I guess it doesn't really matter since the whole album is awesome" and then I played it and I was not disappointed 😜🤗😊
JemLewis JemLewis Feb 20, 2016
🎶 Clawing out the back door
                              Didn't leave a mark
                              No one knows its you Miss Jackson 🎶
SadSmolKid SadSmolKid Jun 14, 2016
When you don't listen to Panic! At the Disco or h a be never heard one of their songs
girlcrieswolf girlcrieswolf Oct 21, 2015
uhh as someone who actually has bipolar disorder I can tell you that the disease is never "occasional", however my mood might OCCASIONALLY shift down.
Jade_xxox Jade_xxox Sep 09, 2015
lol it's gonna be weird to read a book with the main character's name the same as my own
EsraaNaaman EsraaNaaman Aug 02, 2015
"You have to be odd to be number one." -(forgot who said that)