Ethan Adams

Ethan Adams

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'I've known Ethan ever since I was six and he told me he didn't want to be my friend.' 

Alisa thought all her troubles had gone away when her number one arch nemesis, Ethan Adams, moved away. But now he's back, and it seems that five and a half years has changed many things between them. Especially how they think about each other.

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Definitely some secrets hidden in those eyebrows watch your back
He is probably gonna steal that diary... I have no idea but I think that's what's gonna happen...
Right from the damn start he's saying no to the friendzone, he must be real smart
SabinaUlonen SabinaUlonen Jul 30, 2015
like how names aren't usual xd they have a little spice and everything nice in them...
SabinaUlonen SabinaUlonen Jul 30, 2015
been writing a diary for like 8 years now..  have over 50 diaries by now.. o.o
LaurenFallon3 LaurenFallon3 Apr 12, 2015
I see you play The Sims 4 I could tell my your profile pic. I Love the Sims <3