In The Shadows (Teen Wolf) (Shadow Series #1)

In The Shadows (Teen Wolf) (Shadow Series #1)

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Brooke By JustMe52 Completed

All my life I've moved from one town to another, leaving all of the friends I make behind. I've said the words, "Hi, I'm Clara Argent." one too many times. After a while, I've learned not to become attached to anyone when I transfer to a new school. Everything hurts too much when I leave. 

My twin sister, Allison, and I have been inseparable ever since we were kids. When we are the new kids at school, we stick close to each other, not too quick to make new friends. 

Beacon Hills High School is different. Strange things have been happening that shouldn't exist; things like shape-shifters, hunters, werewolves. Not to mention a guy that seems to be the cause of all the trouble known as Derek Hale that seems to have taken an interest in me. 

Secrets are hidden in this town and I can't help, but want to discover what all of them are.

cover by: @sighstiles

mainfemale mainfemale Apr 09
I love but hate each and everyone of yall for this. Its too soon 😭
that-kid- that-kid- Jan 15
It’s been a long time since I’ve read the series!! I’m so excited to read them again for the 100th time.
She_Wolfie2 She_Wolfie2 Sep 25, 2017
5th time rereading this series ,to all the new readers your going to love it
BellaKnight_ BellaKnight_ Aug 08, 2017
If I put a dollar in for the amount of times I've re-read the entire series, I'd be a billionaire... ugh, I can't get enough of your writing and books @JustMe52 ~ let's do this all again!! 😉✊🏼
amsweety amsweety Apr 26
That’s why we should all just get mini fridges next to our beds!
mainfemale mainfemale Apr 09
                              ^if you get that reference from a certain book marry me