The Frozen Heart

The Frozen Heart

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Caleb By caleb_something Updated Jul 13


Magic is a curse, and power always comes at a price. 

Sixteen years ago, Kai was abandoned in a forest because of his Frostborn identity. Fortunately, a woman found him and took him in, raising him with the rest of her family.  And all was well. 
For a time. 
Now, the steady land of Tolin begins to crumble. A dormant magic inside Kai awakens, slowly freezing him to death. Ancient monsters crawl their way to the surface from deep under the earth. A long-time king's health begins to falter, and the Moon, ever watchful of the world below, finally decides to intervene. 
Only one thing is certain: change is coming to Tolin.

Told in part as a conventional story, part in fairy tales, this is a unique book that is not to be missed.