Making the Grade (The Model Spy #2)

Making the Grade (The Model Spy #2)

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Laura Porter has it all: a house in Malibu, a totally hot boyfriend, and a stable job. But not everything is as perfect as it seems.  Her boyfriend is cheating on her, her best friend won't talk to her, and her "stable" job consists of working for the CIA. As much as Laura likes to pretend she is normal, she knows she is anything but. 	 

Despite a promise that she would be given six months off, Laura finds herself shipped to England and enrolled in a prestigious boarding school where students have been showing up dead and a secret campus society is believed to be behind it. Like in Paris, Laura has to catch a murderer, though this time things are a little different, like the arrival of her new quirky partner, Zach's attitude adjustment, and Fred's sudden eagerness to return to the field. 	 

For the first time Laura, Fred, and a new cast of characters have to work together to infiltrate the secret society on campus and catch the murderer before time runs out and the doors of the school close forever.  

**This is the sequel to The Model Spy. While you don't have to read the series in order to understand the plot, it may help in order to know the characters better**

  • cozymystery
  • england
  • friendship
  • london
  • mystery
  • mysterymay
  • romance
  • spies
  • whodunit
sendnukes sendnukes Nov 13, 2016
This is like those shows on tv like NCIS or Hawaii five-o how they start at the beginning.
HazardousHasFriends HazardousHasFriends Apr 17, 2016
Wait... Is she in school and the C.I.A.??? Bc you have to get out of college in order to be in the C.I.A... Or at least I heard...
comrade17 comrade17 Feb 01, 2016
the first chapters of the model spy series always make me want to keep reading
Nat214 Nat214 Dec 29, 2015
Finally I can't wait to read the sequel! You're writing is amazing I was captivated by the first paragraph and can't wait to find out what adventures Laura will have to face
rehma5 rehma5 Oct 13, 2015
And I'm glad it's complete so I won't have to wait. Another night dedicated to your book. You should be proud.
rehma5 rehma5 Oct 13, 2015
I had no idea u had another book after a model spy. I loved that book and I'm sure I'll love this one too. Thanks for writing amazing books.