Melted Ice (Bleach Fan Fiction)

Melted Ice (Bleach Fan Fiction)

206K Reads 6.6K Votes 33 Part Story
Alexander By SleepyNinjaa Completed

[1st Place Winner of The BWA 2014/ 1st Place Winner of AWA 2014]

What if you knew nothing about yourself? Not remembering your past? And what it feels like being betrayed?

Miyori Hono is the new Vice-captain of 3rd Division and under the command of Gin Ichimaru. She had forgotten about her past, enduring the every day pain of not knowing who you really are. The only memory she has been left is her unknown desire and wish to become a Soul Reaper. When Toshiro Hitsugaya, the ice captain of 10th Division, accuses Gin of being a traitor, Miyori starts growing suspicious of both sides.

After her Captain's betrayal, she believes that trust is something that only fools believe in. Becoming cold-hearted and ice engulfing her heart, she closes to herself and wants no one by her side. But what happens when she starts getting to know better the ice captain? Will they be able to melt the ice which surounds their hearts?

✿ First Book || Second Book: Revenge ✿
All Rights Reserved. 2014. The cover was made by Levee_Ayzis; copyright policy.

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Etnoyere Etnoyere Apr 26
OMG THAT IS ME DOWN TO MY DARK CORE! Are you watching me... *Looks around skeptically*
Nhuxhie022 Nhuxhie022 Sep 10, 2016
This is like me but I am not picky....and also I have dark sense of humor XD
ka_nekii ka_nekii Jan 22, 2016
KurokoNoFangirl KurokoNoFangirl Oct 09, 2015
Me: I love you too *poker face 
                              Ichigo: You can'to just say that to anyone you just met or haven't met yet!!!
                              Me: Yes I can.
                              Ichigo:No You can't.
                              Me: Watch me *goes to a random unlucky kid
                              Me: I love you
                              Kid:*confused *realizes and smiles I love you Nee-san 
                              Ichig: *silence *sighs I give up
Blegh1925 Blegh1925 May 28, 2015
Translation to romaji: Watashi wa minna wo ai shiteimasu
                              Translation to English: I love everyone!
maxamillow1234 maxamillow1234 May 03, 2015
ha sleepyninja you are the best book writer and congregation on winning first place