Karmic Beginnings

Karmic Beginnings

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Jia Wen Okita By Daeokita Updated Jul 22

In Kugen:
In a world where the government have extreme high levels of self-awareness, they gather all those born with high awareness and light energy and raise them within the capital of Kugen. Those with light energy are trained to kill those that have been corrupted or unable to be saved. The government tolerates no weaklings or taint to come to their reign. Violence goes against all beliefs of the spiritually awakened. Will anyone fight back against the twisted irony? The privileged are those that were kidnapped from their parents' arms at a young age and raised under the government's careful and protective watch. They are prized above all others. The weak and fragile are those that the privileged and beloved enlightened ones most kill in cold blood to cleanse the land of Kugen of impurities and failures. They are treated worst than dirt and often taken as slaves.

All being human and nothing sharing much a difference only fate chose to be fair to some and unfair to others.

Sasha Higgins is the sharpest blade that would not hesitate to exterminate any venom that could taint her much loved land. When she clashes with six major human threats that could rip the entire balance of light darkness apart, will she allow a moment of hesitance or slaughter them all?
Sachiko Li is a lower leveled human who struggles to find love and belonging in the cold world of Kugen. She strongly disagrees with how the government is being ran and has seen more slaughterings than she is able to count on her own ten fingers. She questioned herself about the government and about the morals and teachings they are given and rises in time to face Sasha and the entire government with her friends.

As an underlying darkness rises from the fog as all of this is happening, an enemy no one was expecting. Can they unite forces and end the threat to the higher humans and lower ones or will they all just be in an endless cycle of pain?

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