Natsu Dragneel X uke! Male Reader

Natsu Dragneel X uke! Male Reader

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Mana Aida By cureheart333 Updated Apr 03, 2018

(Y/n) (L/n) is the newest member of Fairy Tail and newest member of the unofficial Dragon Slayers club, since (Y/n) is a Celestial Dragon Slayer. With his fuzzy exceed Lucas by his side, (Y/n) can do anything!

A/N: For those who wanted a Natsu X Male Reader X Gray...

OMG I'M SO SORRY!!! Honestly, I felt this particular story only needed Natsu-sama as the main character's love interest. But but but, not to worry! I'm already planning a PROPER Natsu X Male Reader X Gray.

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ButtonDream ButtonDream Feb 22, 2018
I'm sorry. When I see or heard that some woman or thing is name "Celestia" then I can't help but think of MLP.... Kill me.
sobergguks sobergguks Mar 04, 2018
mark my words, that’s all that i have. mark my words, give you all i got
SoraWuvsPandas SoraWuvsPandas Sep 26, 2017
This is an amazing start to the rest of the story! I can't wait to see how everything plays out.
I don't know but every time i try and make up a dragon slayer I get melody dragon slayer for some reason considering I love music (night core) I think its well fit