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TayMarie By TayMarie Completed

Games aren't always fun. ....
Games are dangerous and can be quite cold in a sense. They're based off ones needs....lust, desire, and more than you can imagine.

The school player and heartthrob is always up for a new pon in his little game of heartbreak. Most girls come easier than others...until that one girl comes discovering that that secrets, hate, and even romance can come from a monster...

The quiet nerd mostly unspoken but never unseen. She's mostly a dancer as she fights herself on what she wants and needs. She's stuck between her mind and her heart....

Together these two people from seemingly two different sides of the world find each other becoming one....with each other

  • daring
  • harrystyles
  • lovestory
  • onedirection
  • romance
juiceboxhxrry juiceboxhxrry Jun 21, 2016
Honey, who was the nerd in bse music video, that's right, you were
kaziaaaaah kaziaaaaah Oct 23, 2016
Thank god it's Friday cause Friday's are always better than Sundays cause Sunday's are my suicide days 
                              |-/ 😂❤️
npk62300 npk62300 Jul 30, 2016
yeah I thought that once too then I tripped over nothing 😂
pejorist pejorist Mar 23, 2015
This looks really good already, can't wait to read this one :)
writinginthelovely writinginthelovely Mar 09, 2015
Lol man who does what to go to that hell hole like honestly?