Into The Night. (BoyxBoy) Vampire {Completed}

Into The Night. (BoyxBoy) Vampire {Completed}

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You Can't Change Me.. By Crossx_ Completed

Being dead for almost 3,000 years sure does take a toll on someone. Dante Salvatore has a lot of shit on his plate. 

Alexander Dillan was just your average broken teenager until his adopted parents replaced him with a new baby, and his mother somehow speaks to him from the dead. 

Read to find out what happens to this duo as they try to make their way unseen into the night.

ayceejay ayceejay Oct 02
Skinny jeans that look glued to his legs? Sounds like a personal problem and a health hazard lmao
erleen123 erleen123 Nov 17
Me:oh ok how nice hes italian
                              Inner me:throw this ass at him fck him already
DebyBarnes DebyBarnes Jul 06
Is it just me or the guy in the cover looks a lot likr chris evans...?
Some random person pushes you into a wall in the middle of the night tells you he's alive says I love you and kisses you. Wow what a night
ayceejay ayceejay Oct 02
Anybody have a mother that if you referred to them as "Ms/Mrs ___" they'd see that as back talk or disrespectful 😂 because my mum would never have none of that
ayceejay ayceejay Oct 02
I don't understand.... Is he in 8th grade... For someone that young... Is it ideal for a stranger to just kiss him... This is messing me up but not in the nice way...