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the puns never die By X_EmLee_X Completed

"Guys, I'm fine, stop worrying! It's just a cold!"


       The New Order of the Stone has just returned from their long exhausting journey in the portal hallway. Things have slowly started getting back to normal. At least until Jesse catches a cold. Now, with the New Order's leader temporarily out of commission, the rest of the gang will have to fill in for her. 
       Without the "glue" that held them all together there to guide them, will the New Order be willing to work together to solve their problems?

Note: Three-shot

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SpaceMc15 SpaceMc15 Nov 20, 2017
One of those paragraphs was really relatable. Also, when did Lukas put the bow down?
How I imagined what Jesse was thinking and saying
                              Jesse: *thinks* oh wow so sweet
                              Jesse: *yells* WILL YALL STOP Y E L L I N G
Karli_05 Karli_05 Aug 08, 2017
                              Me: *rolling on the floor*
                              Dan: STAMPY! pull yourself together!
                              Me: *still rolling on the floor*
Stampy: pAniC PaniC PanIc PanIc PAnIC PanIc 
                              Me: sToP
                              Stampy: PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC
                              me: well they say if you can't stop them-
                              Stampy: PANIC PANIC PANIC
                              me: -join them
                              Stampy and me: PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC
WriteCrazily WriteCrazily Jul 15, 2017
                              I swear I've said that a million times in this story,  lol.
SpaceMc15 SpaceMc15 Nov 20, 2017
I just saw your name and yours is Star and mine is Space, wanna be bffs?