The Child of Many Worlds

The Child of Many Worlds

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Ceridwyn Black By CeridwynBlack Updated Jul 26, 2017

I will say this once, this story is a mixing of the Marvel universe and the Rick Riordan universe. I do not own either, all ideas, characters and settings go to the true owners. I do not profit from this and am only writing this because I deeply enjoy these worlds and want to see more of them. Some ideas characters and setting are my original ideas or are in the public domain. Also the cover and other photos are stuff I found online, I don't know who they belong to but all rights go to them, and @The creators, they look amazing.

Now on to the actual description. 

Those who have lived long enough know that great people aren't just born. Nor do they become great on their own, No, instead they grow with those around them, shaping each other and altering their destinies. Thus was the case of when the red stained woman met the child of the sea.

In my story Percy is Polygender, which is when a person experiences being multiple genders, sometimes at the same time and with different intensities. Due to stuff Percy can literally physically change their gender to match what they feel or to what gender they want to appear as. 
I have messed with the timeline and characters ages a bit, I have done this in order to make the story flow better and make more sense. I have also changed parentage. Eventually I want to make a large family tree but, right now that would reveal some key plot details and thus won't be made. Also I have not fully read the Trials of Apollo or the Magnus Chase books, therefore whatever happens in either of the series will have little to no impact on my work.

Sorry the description is getting long but this book will have death (bad guy death) which will not be overly graphic, blood, mentions of sex but nothing graphic and swearing, lots of swearing.