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a ninja By writer168 Updated Jun 03, 2014

Chess is a simple game, really.
   There's a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. One side is light, the other is dark. But in this particular game, it seems that everything was against all odds. The dark side had it's king and eight pawns before him. The white side had it's king but only two knights to protect him. 
   Haruno Sakura was a stoic ANBU assigned to the case of powerful ninja being kidnapped by an unusual brand of rogues. By the middle of the investigation, seven were taken. There was only so much she could do, only being one person. But when the eighth is taken, a raging fire burns through her and she knows that there is only one person she can rely on now. Yakushi Kabuto.
   Why didn't the dark side need the dark queen, even though she's the most powerful piece on their side?
   They didn't need her.
   Why didn't the light side need the light queen, even though she's the most powerful piece on their side?
   Because they had knights, and knights could make moves even the queen couldn't make.
   Chess is a game of simple strategy. It didn't matter who was right and who was wrong. All that mattered is who would win and who would die.

Alternate Universe. Non-Massacre.

First part of the story......i'm totally sure i am loosing my mind now.
TrickyDuck TrickyDuck Aug 01, 2016
Spectacles. KABUTO. 
                              I'm probably wrong but I haven't read the description in ages and I can't remember what this book is about but I need to read it.
blubells16 blubells16 Dec 21, 2015
O my G !! The world as we now it has ended!! Next thing we know neiji gonna cut his hair !! (0 .0)
qian18 qian18 Oct 26, 2015
                              YET IT IS AWESOME WITH THE TWIST!!!!
SirPenguinlots SirPenguinlots Oct 24, 2015
What. Has. Happened. Oh. Shīt. Run. Guys. It's. The. End. Of. The. World!
GoGoMinami GoGoMinami Aug 17, 2015
Okay.. This totally surprise me. A hyper sasuke?? Polite naruto?? And quiet sakura.. O.o