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PEEPLOVA2013 By PEEPLOVA2013 Updated Mar 30, 2016

Ryan stormed over to me and trapped me against the closet door behind me. He smirked down at me and he gripped both of my wrists in one of his hands holding them over my head. 

Great. Trapped again. 

His hips kept mine pinned down which made escape impossible. I was just starting to raise my knee to hit him where the sun don't shine, when he tangled our legs together making that option disintegrate as well. 

He leaned down to my neck placing a soft kiss at the hollow below my ear, then began to lightly nibble on my ear lobe.

"Kayla, Kayla, Kayla-" he cooed into my ear,"-when will you learn? You can't run away from me, you can't hide from me, because I will always find you." 


Kayla is an 18 year old virgin with a pretty normal life, that is except for the fact that she has as 24 year old Ryan chasing after her. Not to mention he is her older brothers dangerous best friend.

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  • self-harm
georgicastdavson georgicastdavson Mar 31, 2016
For a moment I thought that her brother was kissing her an I was like WTF XD XD
LoveCanChangeUs LoveCanChangeUs Jan 06, 2014
Hey :) I really like your story. I already see myself laughing in the near future. Cause I think there will be much of fun :) and maybe teasing ;) and more fun :D hahahaha pls update soon