The Principal's "STRAIGHT" Mate (Manxboy) ***Under Reconstruction***

The Principal's "STRAIGHT" Mate (Manxboy) ***Under Reconstruction***

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Alex is the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack. However, he takes the job as the principal at Raven High School since his teen pack members can't seem to behave at school.He is gay and mateless at age 23.

Zack is a senior at Raven High and the heartthrob quarterback. He's straight and a manwhore at age 18.

What happens when Alex finds out that Zack is his mate? Read to find out in this story of confusion, lust, love and ,of course, drama.

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igivetoomanyfucks igivetoomanyfucks Dec 24, 2017
Aawww that must feel wonderful! I have boring ass dark brown eyes that dont really glow at all like in stories how they have flecks of gold neither do they stare into your soul cuz its not dark enough to be blackish nor greyish . . .  So yeah your eyes dont make me feel jealous at all wow
JadeEnchanted JadeEnchanted Jul 05, 2017
                              (I sound so immature.)
Team_Morey Team_Morey Dec 10, 2017
I saw a picture of a dude on steroids with a ten pac it was nasty
AoiLover AoiLover Apr 04, 2017
Wait so who's the bottom? i was kinda hoping the principal to be one
Is no one going to ask about the violet eyes? No just me. Okay.
UglyDucklingQueen UglyDucklingQueen Jul 25, 2016
I'm actually really excited to read this! I'm glad I found it!