The Principal's "STRAIGHT" Mate (Manxboy)

The Principal's "STRAIGHT" Mate (Manxboy)

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Alex is the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack. However, he takes the job as the principal at Raven High School since his teen pack members can't seem to behave at school.He is gay and mateless at age 23.

Zack is a senior at Raven High and the heartthrob quarterback. He's straight and a manwhore at age 18.

What happens when Alex finds out that Zack is his mate? Read to find out in this story of confusion, lust, love and ,of course, drama.

I'm actually really excited to read this! I'm glad I found it!
Too much XD I can't stop cracking up from reading and remembering the images
plllop plllop Sep 26
I've never heard of that! Where they do that at?????? Where???????
When your man pecs (AKA man boobs) are really thick it counts as extra packs so yes 10 pack does exist
DebyBarnes DebyBarnes Jan 28
I had to see for myself after the coments...
                              I'll just imagina a six pack on alex...
Lmao, We all reading this part like... "TF? I don't even have a 4 pack yet" XD