My Psycho Stalker

My Psycho Stalker

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Ariel!!!! :D By Best_Mermaid_Ever_ Updated Dec 14, 2013

He hurries up to me, gently turning me back around so I'm facing him. "How can I change? How can I make things better?" His hands are wrapped firmly around my upper arms and his face is only a few inches from mine, his minty breath sends chills down me. I close my eyes for a moment, taking deep breaths and thinking about what to say. He moves one of his hands down my arm, tracing his fingers over my skin softly and intertwining his fingers with mine.

"Please," he whispers, "tell me." He places his forehead on mine, my eyes flutter open and I'm staring into his sparkling blue ones. "I want to be with you, I want to hold you again, I want to feel your arms around me, your lips on mine. I want to play with your hair while we watch movies, and laugh when you jump at the scary parts. I want to be with you."

"You wont change," I squeaked, looking away from his face and stepping away from him, forcing his arms down. I can't look at him anymore, his longing face, the way he holds me so gently. I can't risk actually slipping, can't let him hold me, can't let him long for me. All I want is for him to hate me, to leave my family and friends alone. He did kill most of them already... I can't stand it anymore. I think I might break.

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