Life As I Knew It (Book 3)

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    Kelly Hunter has moved across country to hide from the one man who's goal is to be with her forever. She is trying is trying to move on and is happy once again but that is all changed when things start to happen and her past is brought up again.
Kelly's ungrateful that poor woman has changed everything in her life just to make her happy and she's been nothing but Rude
How about Kelly grows smarter, finds a way to take care of Kyle  for good without help fr: anyone
Also, dear haters of 1D, I noticed u can't spell awesome without me, and ugly without u. So back off of 1D
Love your books, but u really don't have to always point out the obvious aka blow drying with a hair dry, cuts were bleeding, etc. but i must say fantastic job of the series.
OMG that was amazing, well not the stories, but the chapter was! i wanted to cry, i want Kelly to tell her story aswell!!!!! <3
Love the new cover...great chapter..waiting for the next one ;)