Trust (Sasuke fanfic)

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Cheryl By heartbeatangel Updated 7 months ago
She didn't trust others; preferring to go solo rather than be in a team. Under the orders of Kakashi, she was forced to join one. Follow one girl's journey in Team Seven and later on Team Eleven as she start trusting her teammates and even finding love. Can her feelings ever be returned?
was i the only one who realized.. there is no 17th month in a year
Um... Nah... I really don't think she does... I mean she likes Sasugay so... that's saying something LOL
@heartbeatangel it's okay. 
                                    NO. DO ALL THE SASUKE BASHING YOU WISH. I love Sasuke bashing lol.
Cuteeeeee. This keeps coming up you updated in my email so eh, what the heck. I'm a bird teenage girl with nothing to do. This works. I really love the Sasuke bashing, no matter how much I like him. The Sasuke's gay thing had me dying of laughter.
yea i kind of did copy u but im more violent in my stories weird i like anime blood but not real haha sasuke....'s CUTE ! I not exactly a fan of Naruto....but I just know the characters......xD    SASUKE !!!!! *waves pom poms*