Tombtown: Dark Magic & Dead Kings

Tombtown: Dark Magic & Dead Kings

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Victoria Corva By Vicorva Updated Aug 09

Ree is a denizen of Tombtown, an underground necropolis of misfits and dark wizards with only one rule: do not disturb the dead. Her days are spent dodging zombies and tending the necromancers' archives, but though she keeps the books in order, she feels out of place herself.

When Ree rescues historian Chandrian Smythe from the clutches of the wandering dead, she believes she's found a kindred spirit: a fellow scholar to help her explore and document the sprawling underground city. But Ree must master her ambition and learn to choose between what she loves and what is right, or she and Smythe might both be consumed by the black magic of long-dead kings.

Even necromancers fall in love ...

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This paragraph immediately reminded me of the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.
- - Mar 27
Everything about this chapter is exciting! I love how you write and the characters you've created (I need a Larry XD). It's so late where I'm at but I'm reading some more tomorrow! Thank you for telling me about your story :D!
- - Mar 27
I had to take a few minutes from this chapter to stop laughing because of this line! XD
- - Mar 27
I can see Larry in my head doing this and oh my I can't help but laugh XD
Sharpy367 Sharpy367 Apr 08
I really enjoyed reading this chapter. It is very well written, I enjoyed your characters, and your turn of phrase. I particularly liked your comment about the Lich living life on rails. That was brilliant
Iam_Damned Iam_Damned Mar 23
Some vocabs you got there, mate. I like Ree. She's very interesting.