Lost in Insantiy

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MindMagic By killershark Updated 3 years ago
In the year 1939, when World War 2 started and little kids were being used for experiments, but some survived, some did not. One small boy wrote a diary, recording the days he would be experimented on. His writing describes the harsh things they had done to him, and the torture that is to come.
There are a few punctuation and grammar errors. I find your theme very interesting - Nazi Germany, Holocaust, human experiment... and look, your cover is from Shindler's List! I find it annoying how historical fictions such as yours don't get half the credit they deserve.
This is very good! You don't find very many books out there about the Nazi's and concentration camps. This reminds me of Anne Frank's diary, only her diary doesn't recall her time in the concentration camps. Other than one or 2 punctuation errors and a run-on sentence, this is very good! Unique too!
I liked it, it is unique, and interesting, and I like the fact that it is about the would war two, new twist!!!