Knowing You're There

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Jess By dreamsmadereal Completed
Lia and Kurt both struggle in school.  She's blind.  He has Asperger's.  The two instantly connect after meeting in the hallway and bond over their musical talents.  With Kurt's family business collapsing and Lia struggling with the fate of her ill seeing eye dog, their relationship is put to test as they face the world around them.
This is a very unique idea and you described the difficulties which a blind girl goes through every day. The story literally grabbed me and took me down in a pit of feels. Now if you excuse me, I shall read the next chapters and squeal and fangirl 
                                    Good job
Oh the feels are real with this, I have never wrote someone that never once sugar coated over anything when it came to a delicate subject like this, I highly enjoyed my time reading this and finally I found something I can add to my list that means I really like it.
                                    Well done.
I really liked the way you started the story and maintained its grip.
                                    the descriptions are good, conversations are perfect.
                                    good read.
I like how you started the story and making the readers have a "want to know" feeling about the main character :D
I agree with @hainachu it's a unique that you would find so often in a story. You get to hear and really feel a blind man point of view. It's a great story and I love it. best wishes on your entry :)
wow, this is so different and unique, I love it. I figure it's hard to write a blind main character. She doesn't see what other do and therefor her point of view is different  and describing everyday life like it takes talent. good job:)