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Arveliot By Arveliot Updated Jul 06

Why 'Coping'? Because preening pontificating from a pretentious pleb makes a terrible book title.

(Updated whimsically)

Take a tour through someone else's mind, as the author and terrible illustrator attempt to put the vagaries and soul crushing brutality of everyday life into just enough perspective to make the great issues of our time look as stupid as they are.

I will, eventually, tackle great issues such as Microplastics, Hipsters, why Nuclear Disarmament is a terrible idea, why the world is overflowing with optimism, and other important issues.

Now, I understand that Wattpad holds a degree of civility in its discourse that you rarely find on the internet. With that in mind, if you find a bit of incivility presents your point better, I don't mind. Being Wattpad, I suspect your meanest insults would sound like the kindest thing to ever appear on 4chan. 

-Will you laugh? I hope so.
-Will you cry? I really hope not. I wasn't trying for that at all. If you do, I am sorry.
-Will you send death threats? No, of course not. This isn't Twitter. Wattpaders have dignity. 
-Will you scoff and not read this because you were looking for One Direction fan fiction? probably.
-Will you mock my doodling? I won't be offended if you do.
-Will you disagree? No. You didn't read this. You were looking for one direction fan fiction.

The new cover is courtesy of @stormythezebra

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l34h-5ul4k l34h-5ul4k Dec 24, 2017
Love this. ❤️ I mean sometimes I have valid arguments but people are too stubborn to even listen so I appreciate reason
ElleLeeLove ElleLeeLove Dec 22, 2017
I don't know what esoteric means. Google time. I'll be right back.
LavanyaAndhale LavanyaAndhale Sep 17, 2017
I fell in love after reading the first line of the description
BubbleGum1894 BubbleGum1894 Nov 24, 2017
Lol! I love the intro spiel it defs made me chuckle and roll my eyes....
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Aug 08, 2017
I never have thoughts worth actually sharing but I don't let that get in my way 🤣
Zuha987 Zuha987 Aug 21, 2017
I really don't. Which is ironic because I believe that thought to be worth sharing.