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A Vikings' Rage

A Vikings' Rage

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H.H. Cook By heather_cooki Updated Jun 17

Dagr threw her on his horse and climbed on behind her, holding her hard around the waist. They rode fast from Hafrafell, west towards the falling sun. They rode through the night without a word said between them, she could feel his breath on her neck. Her back and rump had begun to ache from the saddle and she grew tired, but she would not allow herself to sleep. When the sun began to rise, he turned the horse east. Their pace had slowed, but his grip only held her tighter in fear she may try to escape.
  "You hold me too tight, I can not breathe." She gave a tug on his hand, it did not budge.
  "Well, I don't want you to get away," The heat of his breath on her ear. They were silent again for a time.
  "Do you think me a monster?" He sounded removed.
  "You want to be a monster Dagr, you relish it. You feed on the fear of others," She answered, "Loosen your hold on me, I cannot breathe!" She repeated, struggling in his arms. He did not loosen his hold on her waist, however, but took his riding hand and removed a small dagger from his boot and brought it to her throat.
  "Quit your struggling," He spoke into her ear, as he buried his face in her hair.
  She was nothing more than a slave, in a world ruled by wicked men....
  A story of fate, revenge, and eventually love.

***This is only a sample, this book is fully available on Amazon Kindle***

I hope I did not anger anyone by not mentioning that in the description earlier. I'm very sorry if I did, I've never had a published book before so thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope you still decide to read this story and that you enjoy it.
  A Vikings Rage, Book I
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  Some mature content.

tom_tommi tom_tommi Oct 06, 2014
I like how you built the first scene up... could use a bit more description but I still got a good picture. :)