Bits and pieces of my life enter at your own risk.
It was very sad it made me sad worst poem ever poems are suppose to be funny this one didn't really make since other poems do.
You are amazing!!! Please read my poems my accounts Drunk_on_almdudler!! Thanks xxxxxx
I'm crying!! Very well done. It meant alot to me because I am currently going through the pain of loss my self. thank you!
i feel like this sometimes theres always a lonely in a happy
                                    I loved it... it actually meant something to me.....
@I_Am_Weird Thankyou i'msorry I made you cry, I cried when I wrote it.
                                     @leebompi Thankyou so much! 
                                    @IvyDulpina Thankyou and i'm sorry you know that pain. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
                                    peace out