Work of Light: A Dreamslippers Series Prequel

Work of Light: A Dreamslippers Series Prequel

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Work of Light is the prequel to the award-winning Dreamslippers Series. This story is available only here on Wattpad or in the Dreamslippers Series boxed set. 

Series overview: 

What if you could 'slip' into the dreams of a killer? This family of PIs can. They use their psychic dream ability to solve crimes, and that isn't easy. 

In Cat in the Flock...
Apprentice dreamslipper Cat McCormick goes undercover inside a fundamentalist church, where she looks for the truth and finds hypocrisy amidst true redemption.

In Framed and Burning...
Cat and Granny Grace must find out whether or not fellow dreamslipper Mick Travers set the fire that killed an up-and-coming artist, or if something even darker is behind the arson.

In Bound to the Truth...
The dreamslippers don't quite trust their client. Did Nina Howell really fall under the spell of a domineering, conservative talk show host-as her wife claims?

 Work of Light answers key questions fans of the series have asked about that trailblazing character Amazing Grace: How did she get her name? What happened when her daughter Mercy was born? And did Grace really go undercover inside a cult?

For readers who enjoy strong female leads, quirky, well-developed characters, and a dash of dating drama with their mystery.