What Happened To Forever?

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Many people say that everything has a happy ending, I'm sure you've heard it. Everything happens for a reason, right? Well, if that's true then what is the reason for heartbreak? People say it teaches you a lesson, but what is it really teaching you? Not to trust people? That's pretty ridiculous. Now whenever we meet someone, we can't trust them because of one little person and their huge effect on our life. Well, this is my story of how I was in love, broken hearted, depressed, and healed. Let's just say, not all stories end in, "happily ever after."
Lol, she seems like the cute little valley girl you see in movies! Like it! Voted!
hey there.. great so far..
                                    its cute and i like how your main character tyler is bad ass yet nice..i like :)
Awww, this was good, I enjoyed it!  It sounds familiar to other stories, but I have a feeling it has a few more twists than others ;) Voted!
There was a lot of dialogue, but the large paragraphs made up for it. The storyline is good. Hardly any mistakes and was an easy read.
you have the most amazing cast ever!!! :D perfect characters to play the parts!!!
Cool plot and interesting...characters. Nice prologue. Your writing style is ecellent because I saw no errors and it was readable. keep it up:P