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Divergent high

Divergent high

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Divergent_is_my_life By Divergent_is_my_life Completed

This is Divergent in modern times but the whole gang goes to high school. Four is the school's bad boy player that every girl loves. Him and Tris HATE each other. Will love over come them? (I'm not good at summaries but I promise it's better then it sounds)

grAce448 grAce448 Jan 19
Really!? Noooo!, I don't think it sounds like that at all😉
Divergent1906 Divergent1906 5 days ago
It's funny how she had an aptitude for Erudite when she's so retarded
Divergent1906 Divergent1906 5 days ago
First Semester - Highschool
                              1. Religion
                              2. Business
                              3. Careers/Civics
                              4. Science
                              Second Semester
                              1. History
                              2. Math
                              3. English
                              4. French
Twivergentgames4 Twivergentgames4 Apr 04, 2016
I love how you kept the story going even after they got together.
FaeezaIftikhar FaeezaIftikhar Mar 16, 2015
Amazing! You are indeed very talented- Keep up the great work! :D
                              (really looking forward to the sequal!!!!!)
MukePernicoFandoms MukePernicoFandoms Jan 18, 2015
                              My BFF introduced me to this fanfic :)