Life Is Strange//Phan AU [SLOW UPDATES]

Life Is Strange//Phan AU [SLOW UPDATES]

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\(^-^)/ By happyphan84 Updated Apr 14, 2017

Dan Howell, an aspiring photographer who grew up in a small town known as Arcadia Bay. He was finally accepted into Blackwell Academy. And can't wait to get a kickstart on his career.

   Phil Lester, the towns well known troublemaker. Who was, briefly in Blackwell but got kicked out for being absent multiple times to get hooked up with the town druggie, Sam Pepper for Marijuana. His dad died a few years back and since then he has been a complete mess.

   Dan and Phil were old best friends but Dan had to move to Seattle with his family and after five years he is finally back for boarding school. But he discovers something quite.....inhuman about himself and also something....quite disturbing about his teacher and the infamous missing person. 

   ***this story is based off the game "Life Is Strange" and will be a five chapter story. And no, I will not copy word for word but I will use the plot. So all credit goes to the developers of the game. Also other YouTubers will be playing the characters of the game so be prepared for some Kickthestickz lmaooooo***