Lexi Cullen 🃏

Lexi Cullen 🃏

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I wish my parents would of actually had interest in me when i was born. I mean i was born first. Why don't you care about me? Oh thats right, you care too much for Renesmee because she has a gift and I don't. Amazing!

Oh sorry, my bad. My name is Lexi Cullen. And yes Renesmee is my sister, twin sister. And yes i am Bella's and Edward's daughter. But they didn't want me. Only Esme, Carlisle, Alice and Jasper actually showed interested in me. Sometimes Emmett would too. 

It bothered me so much, seeing my own parents spoil and cherish Renesmee, but not me. I would always cry myself to sleep thinking I'm not perfect for them, or I'm just not supposed to be living. 

But now? I don't give a fuck! They can disown me all they want, they can cherish and spoil Renesmee all they want. I still have Esme, Carlisle, Alice and Jasper. They still love me. 

I am the 'badass twin'. I will cause a tantrum if you cross my line. So get ready, 'mother' and 'father'. I've dealt with your bullshit all my life, it's time for you to deal with mine.

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