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The Amporas x Reader

The Amporas x Reader

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darklyDefiant By darklyDefiant Updated Jan 31, 2014

Amporas are so hot. *wink wink*

DontJudgeMyFandom DontJudgeMyFandom Aug 07, 2016
Welcome to my hive, baby take control now (sorry I had to XD)
Dankri_Vantass Dankri_Vantass Feb 08, 2016
I'm a white blooded troll to tell the truth. Also yes it's possible to have lower blood then karkles, being lower scum then others is my talent.
1AngelT-T 1AngelT-T Dec 18, 2016
*cries* im not *siffles* a lowblood *sniffles* *cries more* IM A LOWBLOOD
ToriLeslie5 ToriLeslie5 Feb 02, 2016
XDD yeah, I'm a cancer, I don't think destiny would be nice enough to give me that high of blood color
darkwolf08 darkwolf08 Jan 17
I'm in the vampire troll party but okay..... Guess I is a special Virgo....
D347HC0M35N47UT4LLY D347HC0M35N47UT4LLY Aug 10, 2016
My OC, Alora, is a rose blooded seadweller.
                              Alora: but, i'm NOt AN iNdigO blOOd...
                              *pats her head* Yes, sweety, I know. But you're just going to have to deal with it...