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The Arena Wars (Arena Wars #1) (Watty Awards 2012)

The Arena Wars (Arena Wars #1) (Watty Awards 2012)

34.9K Reads 851 Votes 16 Part Story
Samantha Hoffman By Vampirehunter93 Completed

Alanna is a young werewolf, and Quinten is her best friend. He desperately wants to be a part of her life. Unfortunately, most humans don't survive long in the Supernatural world, and Quinten's at a disadvantage, being blind and all. When the man hell-bent on possessing her has them both kidnapped, they become unwilling participants in the Arena Wars. Partners fight to the death with their bare hands. If you refuse to fight, you die. If you lose, you die. Elias, the centuries old vampire that heads the fights, becomes interested in Alanna's blood, which leads her to believe that he's meant to be her soul mate, a thought that repulses her. Can Quinten convince her otherwise?

Vampirehunter93 Vampirehunter93 Oct 23, 2012
@awesome46  I think she only calls him Ray in her mind, never out loud. And I liked using his name instead of Dad or Father because I think it makes Ray into his own character. He's not just Alanna's father - he's so much more than that. Does that make sense?
Vampirehunter93 Vampirehunter93 Aug 11, 2012
                              There is actually a sequel. It's called "War of Hearts" and it's available for purchase at if you're interested.
TheEscapist TheEscapist Apr 13, 2012
werewolves are usuallly a no go for me. But this story seems different and quite likable....will be continuing :)
dulce995girl dulce995girl Apr 04, 2012
I`ve heard so many times from people when I had a long first chapter that I should make it shorter. I am not saying you should do it too but I don`t know after so many of comments I did. So if you don`t want those comments I suggest that you make it shorter too.
-eureka -eureka Apr 04, 2012
@Vampirehunter93 Yay!! ^^ I'll be sending you the questionnaire, then! Thanks for making my day :3
Vampirehunter93 Vampirehunter93 Apr 04, 2012
@MidoriChi  Alright, I guess I could do it, if you're really interested.