The Daughter of Maleficent

The Daughter of Maleficent

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He stared at her in shock, "You're the descendant?!" 

She gawked at him, "You're the prince?!"

"I think we should continue this later." said the blue good fairy.

With that she waved her wand around them and they disappered from the Dark Forest for villains.

What if Maleficent had a daughter named Damia?

What if Maleficent was hiding her in a forest where no one can find her or harm her.

And so she wasn't even there to care for her child for you know she's a villain. Maleficent had a troll take care of the girl while she was away, so the girl had no real mother or friends and she doesn't know how to do use her magic.

So what happens when she gets a chance to leave her home? To see the world outside of the Dark Forest.

And there is a kingdom far away from the Dark Forest. The kingdom is called Ceilla, where a prince, Prince Charles son of Queen Aurora and King Phillip, who is looking for Maleficent, and wants her dead in defeat.

But when these two people from two different worlds meet? What do you think will happen? Will it cause love or hate? Or the cause of the magic fairytale realms destruction?

Read more to find out.

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